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Karen Tusinski

Tusinski subscribes to the natural contrast found in our world. Geometric and organic form play together in each piece, combining in an energized abstraction. Common themes include bright poppies in a variety of color schemes, pebble strewn beaches with tranquil seas, and reoccurring circular patterns in both abstracts and expressive still lifes. Tusinski’s work offers pleasing tonal relationships through common motifs and patterns inspired by nature. Her keen observation of the seemingly ordinary allows the viewer a new lens to hold against everyday images.

Kate Nordstrom

Nordstrom’s paintings feature a balance of attention to surface and depth, line and color. Her fantastical imagery suggests the symbolism of myths and dreams. Kate uses an improvisational, expressionist painting technique which gives her work energy and liveliness.

Loren Doucette

Over the last five years, she has focused on different Cape Ann locations for extended periods giving her time to create series from the location. Her most recent studio work still reflects the colors and form found on the landscape yet is somewhat of a departure into brighter more fantastical colors perhaps speaking of exotic cultures and people overseas.

Joanne Hus

I have long been intrigued by the idea of random data informing a visual work, much as John Cage used the I Ching to compose music. I organize all these random data points into highly structured forms in order to tap into the human desire to see pattern, and to frustrate that desire. In this way, I invite both the viewer and myself to be more open to the unknown, to be more comfortable with chaos, and to question the need for order.

Carter Wentworth

My paintings record the synthesization of what I see, a visual dialogue of the moment. I use the interaction of color to create lines, forms, shadows and shapes. The dynamics of this interaction excites me, this energy creates a dynamic within me to make a painting.